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hero hunters

hero hunters cheats

You have to unlock the real time mission once you complete many stages and it is almost not easy as you think. Many expert players may find the hero hunters glitch that works for getting quick bucks. But, easy way of obtaining gold is by using the cheats. Each wave consists of different tactics in order to succeed.

Start Your Practice

The overall theme of the game: Ten years later after some zero day war, the general Kurtz has been found. He is one who is responsible for more destruction in the world. Apart from killing the innocent human, he also create the own army called law givers. The united armed forces are the last vestige of the old order. The UAF sent in an elite team to bring kurtz to justice. However, the mission did not go well according to the plan. Now, you are going to be part of the mission and destroy those enemy with your team.

real time battle

We know that common practice will be given in any game to understand the overall environment. Here, you should follow the controls to avoid failure in mission. Because, when hard mission comes on your way, the preparation must be good enough to deafest the opponents.

Follow The Instructions

  • Drag you left thumb to aim at your enemy standing in front of you.
  • Use you right thumb to kill the opponents by using the weapons you hold.
  • Swipe with you right side thumb to dodge between the cover.
saving your city

In case, you need latest weapons, just use the hero hunters hack for receiving gold. Because, completing mission will take more time, therefore you must allow yourself to gain advantage of this cheat method. There are many hero hunters mod apk available all over internet, but, it will be patched soon as soon as your latest version from the developer.

Select Your Hero

At basic level, you heroes are automatically assigned to you for practice. For example, Jackson and nightingale are basic one that we can see in the low level campaign. Similarly, opponent’s troops consist of giant grenadier and other make you a tough match for sure. You have form a good squad that will make you to eliminate the enemy faster than you think.

collect powerful heroes

Please note that, you must enhance your hero between every mission and complete the gear set to equip more on your side. By doing this, your character will be get the promotion on various category like health, armor and power and it also unlicks new skills. Remembers that, campaign missions are responsible for finding the good gear. You have to clear the threat and it is should be your primary aim.

Real Hero Hunters Hack

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