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Happy Moments Of life

The initial story line is about happy moments of life and it is considered as valuable dream for the character “Austin”. He just takes a break to visit the childhood home to regain those memories. When he enters in to the room and got slipped by the old carpet. After some struggles, he reached the steady state in the main hall. Unlimited coins are possible only with homescapes hack tool and cheats.

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Great plan is about giving the surprise to the parents while the entering the home. Play the first level to replace the carpet in to new one. You will get the list of task using tablet which is given in the screen. Pick up the right color to decorate the path in your own house and you will get the notification that by seeing your choice, mom will be thrilled.

Benefits Of Using Homescapes Hack

  • You can get unlimited coins
  • Many items can be replaced
  • You can save more time by using cheats
  • Meeting With Mother

Your character is being invited by the mother olivia at the first meet. You can increase more coins by using homescapes hack in your android and IOS devices. There are number of ways you can obtain resources, but short cut way is that by using our cheats.

new level challenges

You will be taken to new room where you find more dust particles. Cleaning is your next task in your to do list and have to be completed. Feeling of cleanliness is always good for you and your surroundings. Replacing the armchair is another task you have to carry out due the repair state when you noticed.

Replace With New Items

It is usually basic things that you have to buy new items for each old ones. You can find the box with school trophies under the couch. A statuette that you won for completing your housekeeping classes with honors and a cup for winning a musical contest. Place those items in the new cabinet looks so cool while view from any angle. Missing parrot at the airport is a discussion made by you to your parent and you would expect the delivery of your baggage the from the parcel service.

Renovate Your House

Mom and dad already planned to sell the house and your task is to stop the decision. By making some promise, your cleaning process will start after the dad poured the paint in the main hall. Apply good wallpaper will make the house that look beautiful. You can generate more coins in homescapes hack and it will be your next favorite way of generating items.