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There are two teams are responsible for each fight and team consists of five members. The map is comprised of tiles like you might have seen in many turn based strategy game. But, this actually happens in real time. A turn based is completely different from real time. Finding a tango 5 glitch is not possible because of the latest update and you may some lag if you don’t have mobile with high configuration.

Instructions For Starting A Level

It may look like a standard turn based game. But it is actually played in real. The player always has a short cool down after performing an action. And once the cool down is over, you will be able to take tour turn. You may wonder about the reality of tango 5 hack tool, because it gives gems quickly. You have to think fast for destroying your enemies. You can try out all kind of tactics.

capture points

Each arena has time limit and has 5 multiple rounds and each round lasts 99 seconds. To win, capture more points than the opposing team or occupy the whole map. You can just wipe out the entire opposing team and it is also known as annihilation victory.

How Do You Capture A Point?

Easy, all you have to do is stand in the control point. You can also steal points that have already been captured. But, don’t get proud of tactics, capturing a point is not as say as it seems. To control your characters on your turn, simply tap where you want them to move.

obtain special skills

You can move to yellow or blue region. Yellow regions are farther away, and they require you to take a cool down after you move. Blue regions are closer, and you attack immediately after you move.

Easy Way To Defeat An Opponent

To attack an enemy, first tap the attacks button, then tap any enemy within range. Your skills are displayed on the right. This also where you can reload when you are out of ammo. You are out of ammo already?

Taking cover is your best chance to staying alive, so, try not to get caught in the open. Since, shots are less accurate when the target is in cover. Be aware of your positioning. If you die, you won’t able to come back until the next round.

If you are injured, try to find a medical toolkit or grab one of the supply boxes located on the map. This game is full of unique characters with all kinds of different skills. Building the right team is crucial.

choose your character

There are three characters available from the beginning.

  • Commando: He will take charge toward and face them head on.
  • The Fox: She can take out the entire opposite team in one shot.
  • Inspector: Allow me to disrupt the other and control the map.

Rewards Using Tango 5 Hack

As you gain rewards for playing, you will unlock more characters. It is best time to target, if you know the right time to use your character’s special skill. If you need any upgrades, tango 5 hack is ready for you to access. Sometimes, you can get the lucky shot to perform extreme damage to a single target. Your attacks range is displayed by the box around your character. A rate indicator appears overall enemies within your attacks range. The indicator show the chance to hit and you have to act fast to takedown. Pressing the button will allow you to select an enemy to target with your default attacks. The behind cover has a low chance to hit. Instead, attack the enemy you have the highest chance to hit. Try to get at least 10 wins and keep playing with tango 5 hack to discover new strategies.